PVP (Green Laser)

PVP is the latest and most successful improvement on traditional prostate surgery (TURP - Transurethral Resection of the Prostate). During PVP, laser light energy is utilized to vaporize the prostate tissue that causes obstruction and many urinary symptoms. These symptoms most often include poor flow, getting up repeatedly at night to void, urgency, frequency, and sense of not emptying. The prostate acts like a "choke-ring" around the urinary channel, and the result of PVP is an immediately enlarged channel through which the urine flows. The advantages over TURP include shorter hospitalization (usually just overnight), shorter time with a catheter, minimal bleeding, lower surgical risks, and shortened recovery time (usually 2-3 weeks). When compared to medications and office based treatments such as TUNA and TUMT, PVP provides quicker relief and greater improvement in symptoms. The disadvantages include the need for anesthesia and hospitalization, more postoperative restrictions, and potentially greater sexual side effects (erectile dysfunction is rare, but "dry climax" is common). We offer PVP as primary therapy in patients who cannot undergo TUNA or TUMT. PVP is also quite successful as secondary therapy in the 20% of patients who do not receive adequate benefit from TUNA or TUMT. (link to video)

Watch a Video on PVP

PVP movie 2:--Watch a smaller pvp movie

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