TUMT stands for Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy and it is an office based procedure used to treat symptoms from an enlarged prostate known as BPH. Like the TUNA procedure it has gained popularity among patients and urologists because of its effectiveness and quick recovery as compared to the old standard procedure known in laymen’s terms as a “roto-rooter job” (TURP). The procedure uses microwave energy to shrink the prostate and possibly inhibit the prostate from clamping down and obstruct flow of urine. Men find this treatment option appealing because of the minimal impact on sexual function. Success rates in appropriately selected cases are 70-80% and positive outcomes are durable out to 5 years and possibly longer. Outside of some transient initial symptoms of urinary urgency and frequency, the procedure is very well tolerated with few side effects. Patients who carry many other medical problems and who are not good candidates for prostate surgery may find TUMT to be a viable alternative to medical therapy.

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