No Scalpel Technique

Vasectomy is the most common form of birth control worldwide. It is a minor surgical procedure that is performed in the office under local anesthesia. The procedure is designed to be permanent, but it can be reversed. The vas deferens or the tube that transports the sperm from the testis to the prostate is easily located in the scrotum. The tube is isolated and brought out through a tiny (usually 1 cm or less) puncture incision. The tube is cut and a segment removed. The ends are tired off and cauterized. Each testicle has its own vas deferens and therefore the procedure must be performed on each side. This is usually done through the initial puncture incision. Sterility is not immediate and many ejaculations are required to evacuate the residual sperm from the tubes. Serious complications are rare. Few patients may experience mild groin or testicular discomfort that is relieved with Tylenol. Vasectomy has no effect on sexual function or libido.

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